My story: I used to have a dream like all other hockey players to play in the NHL but my decision came very late and I had lots of training to catch up. When I finally adopted the strength and skills that I needed, I noticed that I had lots of work to do mentally, to create the thinking patterns needed to succeed in the game of hockey. 

I needed to develop lots of confidence, and able to let go of all my limitations and negative self talk that prevented me from reaching my potential as a hockey player. I became obsessed with the question: What is the difference that makes the difference to become the best player in ice hockey? 

After years of trial and error I finaly met a mentor who would teach me the secret of the mind and how it can be used to catapult ones performance. At this time I was training athlets to run or skate faster. After discovering how the mind works and implement it in my training athlets would respond by breaking their personl speed records. 

Now I use my methods when coaching and training hockey players both in teams and individually. 

I did not reach NHL but my obsession to play in NHL has led me to my new profession: a professional coach and trainer specialized in individual devleopment for hockey players.

What I do: I coach and traing hockey players how they can use their mind more effective and teaching them the art of hockey skills such as skating, shooting and stick handling. My practices are usually very intentse with lots of flow and games with the aim to challenge the players physically and mentally and help them to create new patterns of hockey behavior that lead them to success.  

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